You can choose the best products for professional windsurfers. We will send a product within a day we recived the payment on our bank account. Shipping cost all over Europe is 5 euro per hanress or a pair of monolines or harness lines. If you order 2 or 3 of our products, the shipping cost will stay the same!




Thanks a lot to Maksior for this reliable, strong and high-performance monolines. I know i can trust them in any situation, easy to hook, so the race time can be optimized!

Thomas Goyar



Very comfortable and durable harness lines. Perfect for racing classes like RS:X , BicTechno, Race Board, or even Formula Windsurfing. They're made from hardy materials resistant to mechanical wear and salt water. The regulation range is very large sufficient for every competitor. Lines may seem a little difficult to move around on the boom but after a couple of sessions on the water they became really easy to do so, while retaining stiffness.

Przemyslaw Szybkowski