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  • Downhaul



    Downhaul system is convenient way to trim sail during racing or training. It consists of 3 harken blocks and marlow ropes.

  • Duoline



    Harness duoline lasts for atleast 2 years. It is stiff and does not swing while pumping. The tube is very hard and does remmember the shape.

  • Harness



    This is the lightest and the stiffest harness you can find. It provides the comfort with as little weight as possible. It is recomended for competitors  and people who sail for pleasure.

  • Monoline



    Monoline is a good choice for beginners as well as for professionals. It makes it easy to set it in the right place on the boom. The tube is hard and does not swing while pumping, making it easy to hook in right after you stop pumping. The lines allow for massive length adjustment so you can use it in both light and strong winds.